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Making our way through the COVID-19 Pandemic

First and foremost, we want to make sure that our employees, clients, and community are safe and healthy. “We are about self-care, kindness, people and community.”

In an effort to do just that, we have decided to temporarily close our doors- effective tonight thru April. We have never experienced anything quite like this before and we are definitely feeling all the emotions that come with it.


Since temporarily closing our doors, we have continued to track the status of the coronavirus pandemic closely. Every employee scheduled to work during that time was compensated for days missed so that they could follow the guidance of the CDC and help flatten the curve.

We have carefully weighed all the options provided to us and at this time, we have decided to close our doors for the foreseeable future. We do this in effort to protect our staff, our clients and our community at large by reducing the risk of exposure.

We never envisioned having to close our doors just 10 months after opening them, but we know we are doing what is best. Citrus Massage is not “going out of business” and we will be ready for our come-back.

While we are both proud and humbled at how far we’ve come. There are not enough words to express our genuine gratitude for every single person who has been a part of our journey thus far and we thank you for your patronage, support and love.

If you would like to support us durring this time, please write our spa a review on Google, Bing, and Facebook. You can also still purchase gift certificates for when the spa re-opens. We also encourage you to follow us on social media for updates and news.

We cannot wait until we can safely get back to work, reconnect with each of you, and build upon the strong foundation that is our community. Sending love & courage to you all.

Jacy and Seth Boyack

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