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Why You Deserve a Spa Day

When was the last time you treated yourself to a nice day at the spa? If your answer is never or longer than you care to admit, do yourself a favor and book a massage.

We know a lot of people feel guilty about getting a massage. Don’t! Not only do you deserve a break, but your health also depends on it!

For starters, going to the spa is one great way to relieve stress, help boost immunity and relieve pain. If you have been feeling stressed out and anxious, a massage treatment can instantly give your mood the boost it needs.

Citrus Massage in Chandler, AZ offers dozens of blissful spa packages and facial treatments. Our team is committed to using products free of harmful chemicals and employing fantastic professionals who take joy in helping people feel relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Still unconvinced? Here are a few other reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about going to the spa for some pampering.

Reasons to Book A Spa Treatment

You Deserve A Break De-stress and disconnect. You work hard at home and in the office and most likely you put others needs before your own. Now is the time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Pampering can save you from burning out. A day at the spa is the perfect opportunity to take a breather, pause and reflect. When you return to your routine, you can do so with vigor and focus. Trust us, your mind and body will thank you for taking this much needed break.

A Time to Celebrate Do you have a birthday, anniversary or event coming up? Perhaps you met a recent goal. Reward yourself with a spa treatment. At Citrus Massage, we believe that everyone deserves a spa day every once in a while - especially if you have a special occasion or reason to celebrate.

Your Health Depends on It There are many health benefits associated with massage. Massage releases serotonin (the happy hormone) so it is great for your mental health. Massage can boost your immune system and helping to defend against infections by increasing the amount of white blood cells in your system. Massage stimulates blood flow which helps improve circulation and potentially help to lower blood pressure. Not to mention we also offer essential oils as add-ons for your treatment that are great for vitality and energy.

Spa Treatments We Offer

We provide residents living near Chandler, Arizona massage treatments that are good for the soul! Clients can choose from 60 minutes and 90 minutes hands on massage time. See a list of our massage services below:

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Pre-natal massage

  • Head, neck and shoulder massage

  • Lymphatic massage

  • Craniosacral massage

  • Reiki massage ​

Explore our services page for more detailed information about Citrus Massage’s spa treatments.

Massage Add Ons

If you prefer extra pulp? Try our juicy massage extras! To learn more about each of our add-ons visit our treatment options page.

  • Hot Stone Spot Treatment

  • Peppermint Scalp Massage

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Exfoliating Hand & Foot Scrub

  • Exfoliating Facial Treatment

  • CBD Therapy

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Migraine Treatment

Knead Us?

In order to be physically and mentally healthy, re-charging is key. One of the most enjoyable ways to do this is by having a spa day! Give yourself the attention you deserve and book your massage with Citrus Massage.

To learn more about the different spa packages at Citrus Massage, give us a call at (480) 534-8423 or schedule your massage appointment online.

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